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Sticker Bookish 102

Non-Exclusive Sticker Design


  • You will receive a PNG/JPG of the design(s)
  • You will NOT receive any physical stickers.


Once you have placed your order please email me with the customization information applicable to your design.


Sticker Bookish 102

PriceFrom $20.00
  • Exclusivity

    • These designs are NOT exclusive.
    • These designs will be sold multiple times.
  • Changes Included with Stickers:

    • main color(s)—choose 2 colors per design, please send hex codes and specify for which saying
    • website
  • Sharing the design via social media, etc.

    Sharing the design must only be done with a watermark. If you cannot create a watermarked image, please email me, and I will create one.

  • Copyright and Use Information

    Copyright Ownership:

    Usage Restrictions:

    • All designs are owned by Vanilla Lily Designs.
    • The author/purchaser is permitted to print the design as stickers without print quantity restrictions.

    Commercial License:

    • Modification of the design is not permitted.
    • Sharing or selling of the design is not permitted.
    • The design is solely for sticker printing.


    • Sticker designs by Vanilla Lily Designs may contain elements purchased with a full commercial license.


    • Reselling or redistributing the sticker design is strictly prohibited.

    Copyright Duration:

    • The inclusion of personalization in the design—where noted—is included in the purchase fee and cannot be modified.
    • Vanilla Lily Designs retains the copyright, and there is no specified duration for the usage rights.
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