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THE FINE PRINT: The price is for ebook only. Paperback option is $25 per wrap and is due before the paperback file is created. With paperback, the total discount is 32-39%. Can be used at any time. VIP Club members will be added to an exclusive mailing list to allow a two-day preview window. Authors must contact Vanilla Lily Designs to claim the premade. Premades are first come, first served. Multiple credits can be used to claim multi-cover premades. Authors can substitute preference formatting for a cover credit. Monthly and bi-monthly plans can be canceled at any time. Any unused cover credits after cancellation will be converted to dollar value credit based on what you paid for them, and that dollar amount can be applied to any regular-priced item. Once plans are canceled, the author forfeits their discount.


DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS? No. Vanilla Lily Designs does not offer refunds for any products/services.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP? The value paid will never be lost. If your membership is canceled, you will receive a credit in the amount paid for unused credits, but you will no longer qualify for the deep discount benefit. This credit can be used on any regular or sale-priced item.

ARE CREDITS/MEMBERSHIPS TRANSFERRABLE? No, they are not, but you can use multiple pen names on one account if they all belong to you. Please provide all pen names when signing up, and if you create a new one, please notify me. This is based on the honor system, so please respect the no-sharing rule.

WHAT IF I DON'T NEED ONE OF MY CREDITS? Credits do not expire so you can use them at any time. They are not refundable or transferrable. You can substitute as stated in the package details.

WHAT IS INCLUDED? See individual plans above for details.

HOW DO I USE MY CREDITS? When you're ready to use a credit, please email me. If you see a premade and want to ensure you snatch it up, please email/dm me and let me know that you want it right away, as they are first come, first served.

WHAT IF I WANT MORE THAN MY CREDITS? Unfortunately, you cannot purchase individual credits, but you can use the prepay option of 3 or 6 to gain instant access to discounted credits. 

CAN I SWITCH PLANS? You can switch between monthly and b-monthly once per year.

CAN I ORDER A PREMADE THAT HAS MORE THAN ONE COVER? You can as long as you have enough credits.

WHAT CHANGES ARE INCLUDED IN PREMADES? Title, author name, subtitle, tagline, series name/book number. 

CAN YOU SWAP OUT AN IMAGE? I can do this on certain occasions. For instance, I will swap out for a model of a different race, or if you show me that you already have the specific photo on another cover, I will swap it out. This will be done free of charge when there is minimal work involved. If I am required to Photoshop the image, there would be an hourly rate charge of $50 an hour with a minimum of an hour billed. All swaps will be on a per-case basis, so email me beforehand.

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